Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing and powerful therapy. It combines massage of certain parts of the body with manipulation of reflex points to stimulate the body to rebalance and heal itself. Reflexology is usually associated with the feet but can also be applied to the hands and ears.

A course of treatments is considered to be much more beneficial than a one off treatment. This is because Reflexology works with the body to stimulate healing and this is an on going process.


Refelxology works on the principle that there is a map on the feet, hands and ears which reflects many organs and parts of the body. These points are called reflex points. There are several theories of how Reflexology works but it is generally thought that the massage and stimulation of the reflex points has an effect on the body's nervous system. This in turn impacts the internal workings of our body and how the different systems, immune, digestive, circulatory systems etc work together to sustain good health and well being. By stimulating these systems we are helping the body to, 'sort itself out,' to encourage it to, 'get a move on and settle down,' or as we therapists like to say to, 'balance,' itself.


Why choose Reflexology?

 Reflexology is particularly good for any stress related condition, and as we all know many illnesses and issues can be aggrevated and even cuased by stress.


I have found Reflexology particulary useful:

  • Digestive problems eg Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Back and muscular pain
  • Speeding up recovery from general health complaints
  • Increasing self awareness and improving self esteem
  • Excellent for stress relief

A Reflexologist, like any Holistic Therapist will not diagnose any health issues you may be worried about. As a Holistic Therapist my aim is to support you with any medical treatment you may already be receiving - as appropriate. Reflexology might not be the right therapy for your condition and I might seek the consent of your GP or any of your other health professionals before treating you.

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