Healing Therapies

I have worked with Reiki for over 12 years and found it effective for treating people with stress related issues providing a beautiful, calm, supportive natural healing process.

Reiki has also helped me to work on my healing skills and explore my own development as a therapist. This gentle therapy has allowed me to expand my experiences and touch on new ideas of what it means to be healthy and live a positive life.

Reiki and Rahanni treatments

In 2013 I was introduced to a 'New' Healing Therapy 'Rahanni Celestial Healing.'

Rahanni works by connecting to angels to channel healing energy from beyond our planet.

I have been so amazed by Rahanni and it's ability to heal effectively on a deep level that I have decided to have it as the focus for my treatments and courses.

If you were interested in having a Reiki treatment please don't hesitate to try Rahanni Celestial Healing. You will recieve a similar style of treatment in terms of what happens. The clients lies fully clothed on a treatment couch and as the therapist I will hold my hands over your body or gently touch in a non invasive way.

Angel Card Readings

I am now delighted to offer Angel Card Readings as part of my work with Angelic Celestial Healing and tuning into the support and guidance available to you from your Angelic Team. I can offer readings in one to one in person, via phone or face time/skype.


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Kath Holt

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Treatment prices start at £50


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I use amazing Neals Yard Organic Remedies for my treatments and workshops, which you can also order from me:

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