What are Holsitic Therapies?

Holistic Therapies, also known as Complementary Therapies are treatments which harness the power of nature and your own body. They aim to restore balance within the body systems so that your own ability to heal is accessed. The Therapist will always consider the client as a whole rather than a set of seperate physical or emotional problems.


A course of treatments starts with an indepth health and lifestyle questionnaire to allow the therapist to establish a rounded picture of the client's issues and ensure that any treatments are not only safe and appropriate for them, but also most suited to their individual needs.


For example a client may book a Reflexology treatment for help with the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but during the consultation it becomes apparent that the client also suffers from headaches from long hours of working at a computer. The therapist may then recommend of course of treatment which also includes Indian Head Massage to help with the tension in the neck, head and shoulders.


 The following information provides you with an overview of the treatments I offer.


My specialist areas

Rahanni Celestial Healing

You can enjoy the benefits of Rahanni Treatments or study to be attuned to Rahanni yourself, I offer sessions and a varity of courses.

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A wonderful relaxing treatment involving the massage of the feet and manipulation of reflex points which correspond to different parts of the body. Enjoy a course of treatments or book onto a workshop to learn about the therapy yourself.

How does Reflexology work?

Other therapies available:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Holistic Facial
  • Swedish Massage
  • Indian Head Massage


Treatment prices in my therapy room start at £45 for one hour, £55 for one and half hours.

If you have any questions about me treatments...

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I use Neals Yard Organic Remedies for my treatments and workshops. You can also buy these lovely products from my shop:

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Treatment prices start at £50


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I use amazing Neals Yard Organic Remedies for my treatments and workshops, which you can also order from me:

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