Complimentary Consultation

Before your first treatment you will be taken through a comprehensive health and lifestyle consultation, and given the opportunity to discuss the merits and benefits of the various treatments. Together we can create a treatment plan to suit your requirements and which can evolve over time as your needs change.


Please remember that Holsitic Therapies are not medical treatments. I aim to support any other therapy or treatment you may be recieving from another therapist or medical professional as appropriate. I may seek the consent or advice of your GP or other health professional before treating you.


Why do I need such an indepth consultation for a massage?

In my experience many clients sample different treatments over the course of time. I prefer to carry out an indepth consultation to gain as much information as possible right from the start. In this way I am able to adapt any treatment for you so that you gain maximum benefit.


How long does it take?

I ask my clients to allow an extra 15-30 minutes on their first consultation. There is usually no charge for this extra time.


Booking a consultation

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Making an appointment


Kath Holt

Abingdon on Thames


Phone: 07880 601359

Treatment prices start at £50


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